How to make Butter and Desi Ghee (Oil) at home

How to make Butter and Desi Ghee (Oil) at home easily and in a Cost effective way by Mayelas Kitchen

We will share with you how to make Desi-Ghee Easily at home just from the milk you use on regular basis. You will also get cream and butter from this process so make whatever you wish and enjoy.

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Preparation Time: 15 Mins
(May Differ depending on your Cream volume)
Cooking Time: 20 Mins


Full / Whole Fat Milk
Cream / Malayi / Balayi - 3 Kg.


Making Cream:

We will Start from making cream from milk. If you are using cream then jump to number two.

  • First boil the milk and let it cool down and then take off the cream layer that comes above the milk after boiling. Store it in a container and freeze it. This is cost effective as it will make your milk healthier and will provide you Butter and Desi Ghee at the same time. We will need about 3kg of cream for 2.5kg Desi Ghee.

Making Butter

  • Now to make butter from cream. Remove the container from freezer and let it melt. Now put the cream in blender and add Water. Blend it.
    You will have water and Butter Separated. Strain the butter and store it. Your butter is ready and you can use it. But we will make desi ghee from it.

Making Desi Ghee

Add the butter in cooking pot and let it cook on low heat. Ghee will be ready in 15 to 20 minutes. Just store it in a container and enjoy.

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