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Khubz also known as Arabic Pita bread is one of the most used Bread World wide. This same bread is used in Shawarma and actually is used with various different recipes. We use it with Falafel, Humus and other recipes. It is lite on stomach and really soft. Due to its smooth texture and lite feeling, you will consume it more than regular Wheat bread. It looks like that it is baked but it is just cooked the same way as a normal roti is cooked. We have shared its supporting recipes.

Preparation: 10 mins - an Hour at least or dough to settle.
Cooking: 3-5 mins.


White flour - 1 kg - Maida
Salt - Half tea spoon - Namak
Sugar - 1 tbsp- Cheeni
Yeast - 1 sachet of 11 gram /Rossmoor pack - Khameer
Cooking oil - 80 ml - Tael
Warm milk - 1 cup - Neem garam dudh
Warm water - As required - Neem garam pani

This Quantity will cook about 28 piece of breads.

Making Dough

Take a bowl with White flour in it. Add Salt, Yeast,Sugar, Oil and Milk in it. Now mix them with your hands. While Kneading the dough if you want to add water in it then only use warm water. 
Make sure the dough is not so soft neither hard. It should be as a normal dough. 

After kneading, Put oil on the surrounding of the dough and cover the bowl with a cap covered with napkin. Put it in a oven(Normal temp- No need to warm it up) and let it rest for an hour at least. You can give it rest for a longer time. 

When you will take off the Cover you will find the dough protuberated. I will knead it again and make smaller doughs out of the main dough. Remember put these doughs on a greased base otherwise they might stick to the base. 

Cooking Dough

Now take the smaller dough and cover it with dry white flour and use a rolling pin to roll it. Do not keep it too thick or thin. 

Now put it on preheated pan. After 2 to 3 mins you will see small bubbles on it. That means it is time to change its side. When it protuberate, you can cook it directly on the heat but taking it on the edge of the pan(As in Video). When it protuberate that means you have made the dough perfect. 

After cooking its both sides. Now it is time to eat it. Enjoy with Hummus, Falafel or anything you wish. 

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