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Beef Paya | Trotters are one of the most demanded and consumed Winter recipe. It keeps you warm and healthy. In Pakistan it is also regularly taken as breakfast. Today i am going to share the easiest way to make it but will give you taste just like you get from restaurants. You can use it for commercial purpose and sell it in your restaurant. Every one will love it. 

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Preparation time: 05 mins.
Cooking time: 45 to 50 mins.


Beef Trotter - 1 piece sliced - Bara Paya
Salt - 1 tsp - Namak
Garlic - 1 bulb - Lehsan
Water - 2 Glass - Pani

Tomatoes - 3 pcs - Tamatar
Onions - 2 pcs - Payaz
Garlic - 1 bulb - Lehsan
Cooking Oil - 1 cup - Tael 
Ginger and Chilies for Garnish - Hari Mirch aur Adrak
Blend of spices - 1 tsp - Garam Masala
Fenugreek Powder - 1 tbsp - Kasuri Methi
 Black Pepper Powder - Half tsp - Kali Mirch Powder
Salt - 1 tsp - Namak
Red Chili Powder - 1 tsp - Laal Mirch Powder
Turmeric Powder - 1 tbsp - Haldi
Dry Coriander powder - 1 tbsp - Khushk Dhania Powder


Preparing Beef Trotters

Preparing Beef trotters is really easy. Just take a pressure cooker and add Beef Trotters, Salt, Garlic and Water in it. Follow the quantity of first 4 ing's in the list above. 

Steam cook them for 15 mins and check if it is ready. Our trotters got ready in 25 mins. Time here differs depending on the quality of the trotters. If it is well cooked then take out trotters in a bowl and let gravy stay inside. 

Preparing Gravy / Soup

Now in same Pressure cooker where rest of the material from steaming trotter is left. In it Add all the dry spices in it and mix Well until it becomes smooth. 

After spices become soft the oil in it will move to side of the pressure cooker. Add 1 cup cooking oil in it and cook it well. Now add Steamed trotters in it and Saute if for 5 mins. 

Now Add 1.5 liter Water and Steam cook it again for 20 mins.  After it your Beef Trotters are ready. Enjoy them With Naan Bread. You can garnish it with chilies and ginger as per your choice. 

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