Benefits of Watermelon juice

Watermelon juice is special gift of nature to us in summer. It keeps heat away and help us stay hydrated. Researches also have shown that they contain compounds that may help Prevent Cancer, improve Heart health,  Lower Inflammation and Oxidative Stress, help prevent Macular Degeneration and Help Relieve Muscle Soreness.

As you have read that it has various benefits then when its season of Watermelons do not ignore them even if you do not like them because prevention of disease is better than medicine and water melon is one of the best seasonal fruit that will save you from a lot of disease.

Today i will tell you how to make pure Watermelons juice in quick and easy way. 

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Preparation and making time: 10 mins.


Watermelon One piece Large Size
Salt as you like.


Slice Watermelon and cut pulp in to pieces.
Take a blender and blend pulp.
Take strainer and strain the blended watermelon so pulp and seeds can be separated from the juice.
Add salt as required or you can drink it without it. Enjoy.

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