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Milky Sabit Masoor Dal recipe | Brown Lentils is one of the most favorite dishes of Asians World wide. We have made it in Milk which makes it healthier. Lentils already are low in calories, rich in iron and an excellent source of protein. Mostly served with Boiled Rice and that is the most favorite combination.

Step by Step Video guide and Text Below

Preparation time: 5
Cooking Time: 15 to 20 mins


Ingredients for Dal / Lentils

Brown Lentils …. 500gram …. Sabit Masur Dal
Milk ………….. 500 ml …………… Dudh
Desi Garlic ……. 3 heads …….. Desi Lahsan
Salt …. 1 and half tbsp … Namak
Red Chilli Pwdr … 2 tbsp … Laal Mirch Pwdr
Turmeric Pwdr …. 1 tbsp …. Haldi Pwdr
Water ….. 3 liter ….. Paani
Coriander …. As you require …. Dhania

Tarka Ingredients

Onions …… 2 small pcs …… Pyaz
Curry Leaves ….. 2 pcs ….. Curry Patta
Garlic …… 7 cloves ….. Lahsan
Whole Dried Red Chilies….. 7 Pcs ….. Sabit Moti Laal Mirch
Oil …. 4 tbsp …. Tael

Making Milky Masoor Dal recipe

Brown Lentils | Daal Masoor Sabit
First take a pressure cooker. Add washed and cleaned 500gram Brown Lentils in it with 1 liter water. Then add three Knobs | Heads (Full Garlic) of Garlic in it. After that add salt, red chili powder and turmeric powder. Mix these materials. Then add 2 liter water again and put it on medium flame for 15mins. After giving pressure check if Lentils are ready. If they are ready keep it on a low flame and stir it slowly. Make sure you are not forcing it or stirring it hard otherwise it can go bad. Now add 500ml fresh Milk in it and stir it again slowly. After that add coriander and mix it. Lentils are ready now lets prepare Tarka Material.

Tarka Material

Take a clean Pan and add 4tbsp oil. Then add all the above mentioned Tarka Ingredients in the Pan and let it cook until the Onions become light golden. When Tarka Material is ready just put it over the Brown Lentils and mix them slowly. Your Brown Lentils are ready. Enjoy.

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