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Almost every one has eaten Chicken Shami Kabab in their life but in different ways. Some tasted Chicken Shami in Desi Burgers, Some with biryani or other foods. This is one of the most famous and best supporting dish with other recipes. But people love them without supportive dishes and kids like to take them to schools in their lunch boxes. Every one just loves them. I will tell you how to easily make and store Chicken Shami kabab and cook them quickly. 

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Preparation time: 20 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins


Split Chickpeas ..... 500gram ..... Channa daal
Boneless chicken ..... 1250 gram ..... Murgi Hadi k begair
Salt ..... 1 and half tbsp ..... Namak
Red Chili powder ..... 1 tbsp ..... Laal mirch pwdr
Turmeric Powder ..... 1 tbsp ..... Haldi Powder
Dry Coriander Powder ..... 1 tbsp ..... Khushk Dhania Pwdr
Blend of spices ..... Half teaspoon ..... Garam masala
Onions sliced ..... 3 pcs ..... Pyaaz kata hua
Ginger sliced ..... 2 pcs ..... Adrak kati hui
Green chilies ..... 10 pcs ..... Hari Mirch
Eggs ..... 2 pcs ..... Andai
Water ..... 1 glass ..... Paani


Add all above mentioned materials except Eggs in a Pressure cooker and give them pressure for 15 mins. After steam cooking them open the pressure cooker and if there is any water left just dry it on high flame.

Now use a chopper to chop the material or you can use desi masher which is a hard bowl of wood or Stone with a stick to mash the material. After you are done chopping material and turning it in to smooth shape. Now add two eggs in the material and mix it to make it smoother. If you do not like eggs then you can skip this part. After that shape the material in to Chicken Shami Kabab with your hands as taught in the video or you can use shami kabab shaper to make job easy for you.

You can now fry Chicken Shami Kabab or store them in Freezer after putting them in the shopper. To fry beat two eggs and put Chicken Shami Kabab in them and cover them with egg and put them in the preheated oil. You can use a griddle or fry pan. Griddle will not use much oil to cook them and you will have to change sides after 5 mins and remember keep the flame low so they are cooked well from inside too.

You can also deep fry them but we like them to cook them in griddle. After the Chicken Shami Kabab are ready you can eat them all alone or use them with your Biriyani. Kids also love Shami Kabab and take them to school in their lunch boxes. Enjoy.

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