Phalia Qeema recipe | Ground beef with Green Beans

Phalia Qeema recipe which is translated as Ground Beef with Green beans recipe is a Green, meaty and healthy recipe. Eid ul Adha is near so this recipe will keep a balance between Vegetables and Meat in your menu. Green beans contain many essential vitamins and folate which is a B vitamin that is beneficial for health specially of pregnant woman and their child. Beef mince contains amino acids you need for muscle building. So give it a try.

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Preparation time: 5-10 mins
Cooking time: 15 mins


Green beans ..... 1250 gram .... Phalia
Beef Mince ..... 1 kg ..... Beef qeema
Cooking oil ..... 50ml ..... Tael
Salt ..... 1 tbsp ..... Namak
Red Chilli Powder ..... 1 and half tbsp ..... Laal Mirch pwdr
Tumeric Powder ..... 1 tbsp ..... Haldi Pwdr
Dry Coriander Pwdr ..... Half Tea Spoon ..... Khushk dhania pwdr
Onions ..... 3 med pcs ..... Pyaz
Tomatoes ..... 4 pcs ..... Tamatar
Ginger Garlic paste ..... 1 tbsp ..... Lahsan Adrak Paste
Green chilies sliced ..... 2 pcs ..... Hari Mirch
Water ..... 1 cup ..... Paani

Making Phalia Qeema recipe

First we will Take out beans from Phalia | Green beans. Those Green beans which are hard their beans will be taken out by peeling off the skin. Those green beans that are soft cut them along with the skin in the bowl.

Now take a pressure cooker and put a glass of water in it along with 50ml cooking oil. After that add Onions, Tomatoes, garlic paste, Beef mince and all the spices in it. Now pressure cook it for 10 minutes. Remember one thing that we used frozen mince that is why we pressure cooked it for 10 mins but if you are using fresh mince then just put it on pressure for 6 to 7 mins.

Now we will open the pressure cooker and Saute mince for 6 to 7 mins on medium flame so its water gets dry and oil comes on side. After 7 mins the mince will be well sauted.

After cleaning green beans we had almost 1 kg left. We stored our green beans in freezer and used it later. We will put these green beans in pressure cooker and mix them with mince. After that we will add 1 glass water and give it pressure for 2-3 mins. Remember do not give pressure for long time otherwise green beans can loose their texture.

After pressure we will see if there is any water left. We will dry that water by keeping cooker on medium flame for 2 3 mins. Our recipe is ready and now we can garnish it with Ginger and Green chillies. Enjoy.

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