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Zarda is a Traditional Sweet Rice Recipe of Pakistan and India. It is loved by people of all ages and used almost at every event from Birthday to Parties. It is easy to make and we have given our recipe touch of butter which makes is more delicious. So here is our Butter Zarda recipe.

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Preparation time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 15 mins


Rice - 2 glass - Chaawal
Milk - 1 cup - Dudh
Sugar - 1.5 glass - Cheeni
Butter - 200 gram - Makhan
Yellow Food Color - 2 tbsp - Zarda Rang
Cardamom - 4 pcs - Ilaychi
Pistachio - 4th of a cup - Pista
Raisin - Half Cup - Kishmish/Maiwa
Almonds - 1 cup - Badaam

Making Butter Zarda

Preparing rice

First we will boil water to cook rice. After the water is boiling hot we will add Yellow food color and soaked rice in it. When rice are getting boiled stir spoon in it lightly so rice do not break. Make sure you do not boil rice completely, just cook them this much that they do not remain so hard and become too soft. After that just use a strainer to strain them.

Cooking Butter Zarda

We will take a cooking pot and will add cardamom and butter in it. When butter gets melt, we will add 1 cup fresh milk in it. After stirring it once we will add 1.5 glass sugar in it. Now dissolve the sugar in it by stirring spoon in it and this will also help you and will not let sugar stick to the pot. After the sugar is melted it will give a foamy look. Now we will add boiled rice in it and mix them.

Note: After the sugar melts/ dissolves, you should put the rice in it and not wait longer. If you will wait after the sugar is melted then sugar can get hard too so be quick after it dissolves.

Now we will add boiled almonds, raisins and Pistachio in it and mix them. Now we will put the flame on high to dry the water around the rice. After that we will change the side of the rice and close the lid (Dham) for 5 mins.

After dham our Butter Zarda is ready to serve. Enjoy

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