Kaddu Raita | Gourd | Boost Immune System against Corona

Now a days whole world is fighting `Covid19'. We decided to share recipes that will help you boost your immune system and fight against this pandemic because at the moment there is no cure for this virus except making your Immune system stronger. Gourd is a vegetable high on water and is a rich source of vitamin C, K and calcium. As per scientist taking Vitamin C at the moment will help you boost your immunity. Our Kaddu Raita contains all these vitamins so do try it and enjoy.

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Preparation time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 5 mins

Ingredients of Kaddu Raita

Round Gourd - 3 PCS | Half kg | - Kaddu Shareef
Yogurt | Curd - 1 Kg - Dahi
Potatoes - 4 pcs - Aloo
Onions - 2 medium pcs - Pyaz
Tomato - 1 piece - Tamatar
Green chilies - 4 pcs - Sabaz Mirch
Black Pepper - 1 tbsp - Kaali Mirch powder
Red Chili Powder - Half tea spoon - Laal mirch
Salt - 1 tbsp - Namak
Fresh Coriander - Half cup - Taaza Dhania


Preparing Gourd / Kaddu Raita

First wash round gourds and peel off their skin. After that grater gourds. Now take a pan and put grated gourds in it along with a glass of water. Cover the lid of the pan and boil the gourd.

After 5 mins gourd is boiling and has become soft. Now take it out in a strainer. Pour a glass of cold water to bring gourd to normal temperature. Now squeeze the water out of them. Make sure that no water remains in them. If water remains then they won't last longer and taste will also change later. Gourd is ready to be added in final Ingredients.


Take bowl of the Yogurt and add all the ingredients mentioned above except and mix them well. Your Kaddu Raita is ready. Enjoy.

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