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There are various types of Biryani and we have decided to start our list with Bombay Biryani. It is easy to make and our tips will help you double the taste of your biryani. We will share more versions soon.

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Preparation time: 20 - 30 mins.
Cooking time: 30 mins.
Serves about 7 - 10 person

Our Ingredients

Chicken Ingredients

Chicken - 2 whole pcs | 8 pcs each - Murgi
Yogurt - 2 cups - Dahi
Garlic paste - 1 tbsp - Lehsan paste
Tomatoes - 4 pcs small - Tamatar
Onion - 3 pcs medium - Payaz
Cooking oil - Half cup - Tael
Potatoes - 4 pcs - Aloo
National Bombay Biryani (Details below)

Rice Ingredients

Rice - 4 glass - Chaawal
Salt - 8 tbsp - Namak
Cinnamon - 4 pcs - Daar Cheeni
Black pepper - Whole 8 pcs - Kali Mirch
Black Cardamom - 2 pcs - Kali Ilayachi
Dry Coriander - 1 tea spoon - Khush Dhania
Fresh Mint - 1 stack | Guchi - Taaza Poodina
Fresh Coriander - 1 stack | Guchi - Taaza Dhania
Ginger - 1 pc for garnish - Adrak
Ginger - 1 tea spoon for Yogurt - Adrak
Green chilies - 6 pcs - Hari mirch
Yogurt - 3 tbsp - Dahi
Yellow Color - 1 tea spoon - Zarda rang

National Bombay Biryani (Ingredients)

(We use our own spices but due to Covid19, we were short of spices so decided to use Masala pack instead. We will add this in 5 table spoon of yogurt and mix it. It includes following spices)

Salt, Red Chili Powder, Plum powder, Cumin Powder , Garlic Powder, Coriander, Turmeric powder, Ginger, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Citric acid, Nutmeg (Javitri and Jay Phal), Bay leaf, Cloves and cardamom.

This Recipe will also teach you how to cook almost every Packed Masala Biryani. We will share our spices soon as there are plenty of recipes of Biryani in the world.


Marinating Chicken

First we will start with marinating the chicken. Take each piece and put some cuts on it with help of a knife. I have put 3 cuts on each piece. After that take 5 tbsp Yogurt in a bowl and put Packed Spices in it and mix them well. 

Now pour that Yogurt on the chicken and spread it all over the piece with your hands thoroughly, Do not forget to put it in the cuts. Now refrigerate it for over night but if you are in a hurry then the best thing is to marinate it for at least 2 hours.

Note: This is the best way to use Packed Biryani Spices of any company as it gives Tender meat and delicious flavors in every bite.

Cooking Chicken

Take a cooking pot and put oil in it. When oil get hots add Onions in it. (Follow Quantity of Chicken Ingredients mentioned above). When onions become lite golden, add Garlic paste in it. After two minutes, when color of garlic starts to change then add Tomatoes. 

Cover the lid of the Cooking pot for 2 minutes to steam cook the ingredients. Use this way to soften tomatoes. After that mix it well. Now add Marinated Chicken in it and Saute it well. Steam Cook it for 5 minutes so meat is well cooked from inside. During this process chicken will leave its water. 

Here now add Potatoes, We sliced ours in long shape and into 4 pieces of each potato. We will cook these potatoes in the water left by chicken. After that steam cook potatoes for 2 to 3 minutes on low flame so get well cooked from inside. After that it is ready. 

Cooking Rice

Take a wide Cooking pot with Water in it. Add Salt, Cinnamon, Whole Black pepper, Black Cardamom and Dry Coriander in it. Let it boil. 

When water is boiling hot then we will add Rice in it which we soaked in water. Strain rice and then add it in water as no extra water is needed now. Just stir the spoon with lite hands only once. Let them boil this much that they do not become too hard or too soft. 

After that use strainer to remove all the water and seperate rice from it. Now we will put layers of rice in the cooking pot to put Biryani on Steam Cooking (Dham in Urdu). 

First put a layer of Rice on the bottom. Above it add a layer of chicken and potatoes. Then another layer of rice. On it Add Fresh Mint leaves, Fresh coriander, long cut ginger pieces and Green chilies. Also add Boiled eggs in this part of the layer along with another layer of the rice. You can put all the rice now in this final layer. 

Now take a cup of Yogurt and add mashed ginger and 1 tsp Yellow food color in it. Mix it well and add it over the final layer of rice. If there is any gravy remaining in the Chicken bowl then you can add it on the final layer too. This Yogurt will enhance the aroma and look of this delicious biryani. 

Now cover the lid and keep the cooking pot on low flame for 5 mins. After that just open the lid and mix the rice with lite hands. Your Biryani is ready. Enjoy.  

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