Mutton Korma quick and easy recipe

Mutton Korma is famous for its Gravy and tender meat. It is juicy and its gravy is different than regular gravies. It is delicious and has a refreshing aroma. It is easy to make so give it a try. Enjoy.

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Preparation time: 10 mins.
Cooking time : 15 mins.


Mutton meat - 1 kg - Bakra gosht
Onions - 3 pcs med size - Payaz
Cooking oil - 1 cup - Tael
Black cardamom - 2 pcs - Kaali ilaychi
Whole Black pepper - 1 tea spoon - Sabit kali mirch
Ginger garlic paste - 1 tbsp - Lehsan adrak paste
Turmeric powder - 1 tea spoon - Haldi
Red chili powder - half tea spoon - Laal mirch powder
Salt - 1 tbsp - Namak
Star anise - 1 piece - Badiyan k Phool
Cloves - 4 pcs - Laung
Cinnamon - 2 pcs - Daar cheeni
Cardamom - 7 pcs - Ilayachi
Yogurt - 1 cup - Dahi
Water - 1 liter - Pani


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