Kujja Rasgulla recipe | Never Waste Spoiled Milk

You might have gone on Alert after seeing Spoiled Milk in title. It is not safe to drink or use spoiled milk normally but Yes there are recipes in which we can use it and they are completely safe to consume. Today i am going to share with you Kuja Rasgulla recipe also called Pani wala Rasgulla which can be made with Spoiled milk. I have also shared how you can make it with fresh milk in case you do not feel comfortable using spoiled milk.

Preparation time: Accidental or 15 mins intentionally.
Cooking time: 40 mins


Milk - 1 liter - Dudh
Water - 1 liter - Pani
Sugar - 1 cup - Cheeni
Cardamom - 3 pcs - Ilayachi


We are working on this. Until then you can watch the video with English subtitles on Youtube.

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