4 Ingredients Quick Party Dessert by Mayelas Kitchen

4 Ingredients Quick Party Dessert by Mayelas Kitchen

If there is a party and you want to make a delicious dessert in no time then this 4 ingredients quick party dessert is for you. You can make it in 5 minutes.



Condensed Milk - 1 Pack (390 grams) - Garha Meetha Dudh
Fresh Cream - 2 packs (Total 400 grams) - Malayi
Fruit Cocktail - 1 Tin (567 grams) - 
Mary Biscuits - 6 packs (Depends on the dish used)


  • Take a bowl and mix Condensed milk and fresh cream in it until it turn in to a creamy batter. 
  • Separate the fruits and sweet syrup from the tin. 
  • Now dip the biscuit in the sweet syrup and add it in your dish. Make sure to cover the base with biscuits. 
  • Now add the creamy batter on the as the first thick layer on biscuits. 
  • Add Fruits on the batter. 
  • Now repeat the process. Add layer of the biscuits, the same way you did at the start by dipping them in the sweet syrup first. 
  • After that add layer of creamy batter.
  • Then another layer of Fruit Cocktails. 
  • Add creamy batter again. 
  • Now mash/crush some biscuits and you can Garnish - Decorate your dessert with it. 
Your Party dessert is ready. Enjoy it with your family, friends and guests. 

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