Paneer Halwa recipe without eggs - Cottage Cheese Pudding dessert by Mayelas Kitchen

 Paneer Halwa recipe without eggs - Cottage Cheese dessert by Mayelas Kitchen

Paneer is called Cottage cheese in English.

It is full of Proteins, Minerals and Vitamins but if your family, kids do not like to eat it plain then turn it in to Paneer Halwa, A delicious Cottage Cheese dessert.

This is a creamy sweet recipe that every one loves. Remember to eat it hot, you will love it.

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Cottage Cheese - Made of 2 liter milk - Paneer
Mawa - 250 gram - Khoya
Almond - As per your choice - Badam
Raisins - As per your choice - Kishmish
Pistachio - As per your choice - Pista
Clarified Butter - 2 tbsp - Desi Ghee
Sugar - Half cup - Cheeni


  • Take a Cooking Pot and add Clarified butter in it along with the cardamoms. 
  • When butter melts then add Cottage cheese in it and mix it well with each other. 
  • After it is mixed then Sauté it a bit. But do not change its color too much. Make sure to break cheese in to pieces to Sauté it well in butter.
  • Now add sugar in it and let the sugar melt.
  • Mix up the cottage cheese with melted sugar to enhance its taste.
  • Now add Mawa - Khoya in it and mix well. Until it turns in to a creamy form. 
  • After it turns in to a creamy shape then just add dry fruits (Garnish) and enjoy it with you and your family or friends.

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