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Gajar Halwa also known as carrot halwa, is a popular recipe in the Middle East and Asia, particularly during the winter months. We have made it with Khoya. It is enjoyed by many as a sweet and delicious dessert.

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Carrots - 5 kg - Gajarai
Desi Oil - 300 gram- Desi Ghee
Green Cardamom - 6 pcs - Sabaz Ilayachi
Milk - 1 Glass - Doodh
Dried Evaporated Milk - 500 gram - Khoya / Mawa
Sugar - 1 Glass - Cheeni
Raisin - As required - Mewa
Pistachio - As required - Pista
Almond without skin- As required - Badam chilkai k begair


Add Desi Ghee in Cooking pot along with the Green Cardamoms, let desi ghee melt. After it is melted add the sliced and washed carrots in the pot. Do not use chinese carrots, We recommend you to use Desi Organic Carrots. Remember to add the carrots half by half while mixing them. Cover the lid of the pot for 5 mins to soften the carrots.

After opening the lid, mix the carrots again. Add one glass of milk. Cook the carrots until the water that was dispersed from carrots and the milk added gets dry. Now add 1 tbsp Desi Ghee along with a glass of sugar and mix them well.

Now also mix the melted sugar well and Sauté the carrots well. It took me 15 minutes to cook my carrots and the timing will depend on the quality of your carrots. After your carrots are ready mix Pistachio, Raisin and Almond in it and mix them well.

Now turn off the flame and add Khoya/Mawa in it. Mix it up with lite hands and only once.

Our Soft and delicious Gajar Halwa is ready to serve. Enjoy it with your family and friends.

Gajar ka Halwa Recipe

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