Lab e Shireen Recipe - Eid Special Dessert Lab-e-Shireen by Mayelas Kitchen

In this Eid special dessert recipe video, Mayelas Kitchen demonstrates how to make a mouthwatering Lab-e-Shireen. Lab-e-Shireen is a popular Pakistani dessert made with milk, cream, vermicelli, fruits, and nuts. With step-by-step instructions and clear explanations, Mayelas Kitchen shows you how to prepare this delicious dessert easily at home. Whether you're celebrating Eid or just looking for a sweet treat, this Lab-e-Shireen recipe is sure to delight your taste buds. So, get your cooking tools ready and follow along with Mayelas Kitchen to create this decadent and delightful dessert.

Recipe Video


Milk - 2 Liter- 
Cream - 2 Packs - 
Dried Whole Milk - 500 gram - Khoya / Mawa
Vermicelli - 1 Pack - Sawaiya
Almonds - 1 Cup - Badaam
Sugar - Half cup or as required - Cheeni
Fruit Cocktail - 1 Can
Ras Gullah - 250 Gram
Banana Jelly - 1 Pack
Strawberry Jelly - 1 Pack
Custard - 5 tbsp

How to Make

Boil the Milk and when it is boiling then stir it and add Sugar. Let the sugar melt. After that add Custard powder in cup and mix it so no solid part remains in it. 
Add Custard Milk in the main cooking pot of Boiling Milk and stir well. When another boil comes just turn off the flame and let it cool down. 

While the custard cool prepare you jelly and cut it in to small cubes. The size of the cube depends on your choice but we recommend the size we have shared in the video. 

After the Milk cools down add Boiled Colorful vermicelli in it and mix it well. Make sure the vermicelli spreads thoroughly. Now add fruit cocktail can and mix it well. 

After fruit cocktail, it is turn of Dried whole milk to go in the cooking pot. Make sure that you turn the dried whole milk in to liquid format by stirring it well. Now add Cream Packs and mix them well too. 

The recipe is in final stage, Now just add jellies and stir it with light hand so they do not break and then dish out. Add Ras Gullas in it after dishing out or you can add it while adding the jellies but for a better presentation it is good to add them at the end after dishing out. 

Enjoy this recipe with your friends and family. Enjoy. 

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