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Recipe Introduction

Making Donuts at home has never been easy but if you will follow our way then you will find it easy and they will taste like made by Professionals.

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Warm Milk - 1 Cup - Neem Gharam Dudh
Butter - 2 Tbsp - Makhan
Egg - 1 pc - Anda
Grinded sugar - 1/8 cup - Pisi Cheeni
Yeast - 2 Tbsp - Khameer
White Flour - 2.5 Cup - Maida


First take a Bowl and add warm Milk in it along with 2 tsp Yeast and one Egg. Mix these ingredients with Egg Beater. After mixing it cover the bowl with lid and give rest for 5 to 7 mins. 
After 5 to 7 mins add Salt and1/8 cup grinded sugar in it. Mix them well with help of an egg beater. 
After mixing it Add half white flour in it and mix it a bit after that add rest of white flour. This way will add taste in every bite of your donut.

Now put the dough material on a plain surface and add Butter in it. Now we will knead it until it turns in to perfect shape.  We will knead it just like we knead regular flour but we will knead on a plain surface.

To make Donuts softer and fluffy, while making the dough with your one hand stretch the dough out and then bring it back. Keep repeating this method until the dough combines/merges well. When the dough is ready it will not stick to the surface. Its time to oil up the bowl and put dough in it and give it rest for 30 minutes. Do not forget to cover the bowl with a cloth or napkin. 

After taking off the cover remove air in the dough by pressing it. You can also put it on a plain surface and roll it. After it comes in to a shape of roll cut out small parts from it. Now take a smaller piece and spread it on a counter in round shape. Now you can put a hole in the middle with help of a cutter or bottle cap. After giving donut shape to your material, Cover them with a napkin and give rest for 5 mins so they rise a bit. 

Its time to fry them. Preheat the oil and add donuts in it. Fry one side until color changes, now turn it to other side. Enjoy your Donuts are ready. 

Dip fried donuts in Chocolate frosting to make them Chocolate donuts and other consumable decorations can be added to make them look beautiful. Enjoy

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